Static Cling Printing

Static Cling Printing That Attract Business

With no adhesive, static cling decals are easily applied, removed, and re-applied without leaving behind any residue. Static cling printing is ideal for seasonal signs or any other message you want to be mobile or easily changed. At Scott Lithographing, we specialize in static cling printing, offering a range of customization options to create visually appealing and versatile static cling decals for your business or promotional needs.


Custom Static Cling Decals

At Scott Lithographing, we can create attention-grabbing signs, decals, window graphics, and other point of purchase images using our high-quality static cling printing options. And as with all our projects, we consider all static cling printing projects to be custom jobs, so there is never an extra charge for your custom design. Our dedication to customization ensures that your static cling decals effectively communicate your message and branding while providing the flexibility you need for changing promotions or seasonal displays.

Static Cling Printing Experts

At Scott Lithographing, we offer a variety of options in our static cling printing services. Our simple and efficient ordering process makes your project seamless, and our precise attention to detail ensures the end result is exactly as you imagined. If static cling printing has a place in your marketing plans, turn to one of the few true trade printers in the industry to complete your project quickly and on budget. Simply send your static cling printing specs to the experts at Scott Lithographing, and we'll begin immediately, delivering high-quality static cling products that make your message stand out.

Message with Sticking Power

Create a message that sticks around with custom static cling printing on vinyl. Whether you're looking to advertise promotions, display business hours, or convey important information, our static cling printing services ensure your message has the sticking power it needs to capture attention. At Scott Lithographing, we are committed to providing you with vibrant, durable, and easily removable static cling decals that effectively communicate your message to your audience, leaving a lasting impression.

Static Cling Printing

Plastic Printing Options

When a single printing job requires a variety of papers, die cuts, folding or even plastics, Scott Lithographing is one of the few custom printers who can make it happen. While we consider every job a custom job, there are some projects that require a little extra attention and can’t simply be uploaded and ordered online.

For these situations, we encourage you to contact our wholesale custom printing professionals to discuss the diverse and truly unique needs of your project. We will help you fine tune your printing specifications and quickly develop an estimate. With more than four decades of experience, our printing professionals understand all the issues that may arise during this process. However, with our unmatched attention to detail, we ensure that any and all issues are resolved without a disruption to delivery dates


Paper Options

Our house stock is a premium sheet and will satisfy most needs. However, we do not limit your paper options. We can print on any paper you request. Here is a list for our house stock options.

4 mil Static Cling


Color Options

Our pressmen are GATF certified, so you can be confident that our 4 color process meets the highest quality standards achievable. We are not limited to 4 color process. We can add PMS colors to our CMYK if necessary.

4 over 0


Coating Options

Although our house standard is Gloss Aquaus coating, we can apply any coating you desire for your custom project

Aqueous Coating


Turn Around Time

Each plastic project is unique and will have its own turn around time. Plastic must dry before printing on the opposite side, so determining an exact turn time can be tricky. Please consult with our staff and we will try our best to accommodate your needs.

5 - 7 days



Our common page options vary from 8 pages to 48 pages. However, if your project requires a different page count contact us for a custom estimate. We are not limited to our standard options.



Since we run each plastic project individually, there are no size limitations.

Custom sizes only


Custom Trim Size

If the standard sizes do not meet your requirements, we can run any size you desire.



Since each plastic project is printed on the sheet by itself, so there are no limitations on quantity or quantity breaks you must abide by.

Custom Quantity