Paper Products and Being Green

Scott Lithographing responds to the common misconception that “Using Paper Kills Trees”….

Print Is Not Dead

The New Year is in full swing. Our economy is recovering, businesses are moving forward, and yet many of the same challenges persist for businesses. How can I discover new clients? What are some the most effective and efficient ways to advertise?

It’s no surprise that print campaigns are still one of the most popular ways to accomplish this. The USPS says that 39% of customers will try a new company because of direct mail advertising, and 70% will renew business because of mail advertisements. Neilsen reports 67% rely weekly on direct mail for savings and shopping. Print is not dead.

Print Does Not Kill Trees

In this Internet era of instant and digital marketing, there are common misconceptions about printing that hold some business owners back. Scott Litho would like to respond to the primary misconception: “Using paper kills trees”.

Fact: Today the United States has 20 % more trees that it did on the 1st Earth Day in the spring of 1970.
Fact: 11% of the world’s forests are used for paper, while 28% are used for lumber, and 53% are used for fuel.
Fact: Forests left to “themselves” would perish due to disease, fire, and other natural causes.
Fact: In this age of technology (especially with the growing popularity of e-readers) statistics show adverse health effects from producing an e-reader are 70 x’s worse than producing a book.

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