Is Employee Retention Part of Your Marketing Strategy?

High turnover rates can be costly, affecting everything from productivity to team morale and your bottom line. A comprehensive employee retention program that includes print can significantly enhance your efforts to keep top talent engaged and committed to your organization.

Is employee retention really that important? Yes! According to research from Zippia, companies in the top 20% with solid employee recognition programs have voluntary turnover rates 31% lower than those without such programs. Likewise, companies with employee recognition programs see performance, engagement, and productivity rates that are 14% higher than those without.

Happy employees mean lower turnover, enhanced morale, higher morale, and more. Happy employees also tend to provide better customer service.

The Power of Print in Employee Retention Programs

While digital solutions are increasingly popular, print materials offer a tangible, lasting way to engage and appreciate employees. Here are some practical ways to integrate print into your employee retention program:

  1. Recognition Certificates and Awards

Present employees with printed certificates and awards during recognition events to make them feel valued and appreciated. These tangible tokens of appreciation remind them that their achievements are noticed and valued.

  1. Employee Newsletters

Regularly distributed printed newsletters can keep employees informed about company news, upcoming events, and recognition highlights. Feature employee achievements, anniversaries, and success stories to foster community and pride among staff members.

  1. Custom Merchandise

Offering custom-printed merchandise, such as branded apparel, mugs, and stationery, as part of a recognition program can boost morale. These items serve as rewards and promote company pride and unity.

  1. Employee Handbooks and Welcome Kits

A well-designed, printed employee handbook can be valuable for new hires. Additionally, welcome kits containing branded materials and essential information can help new employees feel welcomed and supported from day one.

  1. Milestone Celebrations

Celebrate important milestones such as work anniversaries with printed cards, plaques, or photo books. Recognizing these milestones with physical items can make the occasion more memorable and meaningful for employees.

Investing in employee retention is a smart strategy for any business looking to improve its bottom line. By incorporating print into your retention program, you can make an already excellent employee retention program even better!

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