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After four decades, Scott Lithographing continues to be a printer’s printer. With no sales force, we concentrate solely on business from other printers, brokers and designers. We apply the same craftsmanship and pride as artisans of old. Our committed and experienced staff assures customers quality, personal service and confidentiality. You’ll find quality in our name and everything printed by Scott Lithographing.

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5 Reasons Print Is Still Thriving

Remember all of those forecasts about the demise of print? They haven’t come true. Like most offline channels, direct mail took a hit during the COVID-19 pandemic, but it is still remarkably effective. Research by PFL found that, even during the pandemic, marketers were 18% more likely to see “good” or “very good” ROI when…
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5 Best Tips for Ordering Branded Products

If you haven’t added promotional products to your marketing mix, you are missing an opportunity. Promotional products like branded pens and refrigerator magnets, or even more unusual items such as branded toys or back scratchers, reinforce your brand every time the recipient sees or uses them. Branded promotional products also tend to be kept for…
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Paper Products and Being Green

Scott Lithographing responds to the common misconception that “Using Paper Kills Trees”…. Print Is Not Dead The New Year is in full swing. Our economy is recovering, businesses are moving forward, and yet many of the same challenges persist for businesses. How can I discover new clients? What are some the most effective and efficient…
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The Value Of Print Effectiveness Is Understated

Previously, we discussed that “Print Is Not Dead”. We wanted to push that further with additional statistics from Mail Print, and also some tips for printing needs. 85% of consumers sort through and read selected pieces of mail everyday (if you want to stand out, try an oversized envelope instead of the standard #10 envelopes…
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