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After four decades, Scott Lithographing continues to be a printer’s printer. With no sales force, we concentrate solely on business from other printers, brokers and designers. We apply the same craftsmanship and pride as artisans of old. Our committed and experienced staff assures customers quality, personal service and confidentiality. You’ll find quality in our name and everything printed by Scott Lithographing.

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Staying Top of Mind with Customers: Strategies for Lasting Engagement

In a world brimming with choices, staying top of mind with customers is a coveted position. It means your brand is the first one they think of when they have a need or desire. But how do you get top of mind? Let’s look at four ways to get (and stay) in this coveted position.…
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Scott Lithographing Announces the Acquisition of Art Laminating & Finishing

Tucker, Ga. June 30, 2023 – In a landmark move within the printing industry, Scott Lithographing (Scott Litho), a Tucker, Georgia-based company has proudly declared the successful acquisition of Art Laminating & Finishing, located in Atlanta, Georgia. This strategic merger between two industry veterans signifies a monumental evolution of the services available to their valued customers.  Founded in 1966, Scott Litho’s third-generation lineage…
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What’s So Great About Event Marketing?

Event marketing is a powerful tool because it offers a unique opportunity to engage with potential customers and create memorable experiences that leave a lasting impression. Direct mail, email, social media, and other marketing channels play essential roles in your marketing mix, but in-person events offer something unique that other channels don’t. They allow attendees…
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How Great Marketing Is Like a Great Sports Team

To achieve optimal outcomes from your marketing campaigns, consider your channels as if they were members of a sports team. While each one—such as direct mail, email, or wide format—can be influential, their combined efforts will bring the best results. To make the most out of your multichannel approach, here are three steps to creating…
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How Far Would You Go to Keep a Customer Happy?

Nearly half (49%) of companies say that dollar for dollar; they get a better ROI from their customer retention efforts than from their customer acquisition marketing. How far are you willing to go to retain your customers? How creative are you ready to get? Here are three examples of just how far three direct mail…
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5 Tips for Better Direct Mail Pieces

Do your clients want to create awesome direct mail? They must always carefully consider the list, the message, and the call to action, but other factors make a highly effective mail piece, too. These include things like the trim size, shape, and texture of the piece. Let’s look at five considerations for creating standout mail…
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